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    Dear All,


     We would like to kindly inform you that our company Crystal China Shop in Szczecin Dabie (Pucka 1 St.)  will be closed starting on August 1st 2019.


    We would like to thank you for our 30 years long cooperation. We really enjoyed and appreciate the collaboration with you!


     We wish you all the best.


        With warm regards


    Halina & Edward Najdychor/ the owners of the company who are looking forward to time upon retirementJ

    Dear Client, To your Attention: at the moment the sales process via Inernet is not possible.In case you are interested in any item please contact us per phone:+48 91  4600105 or +48 500 000 832 or per email: crystal@pro.onet.pl

    We are very sorry for any inconvenience caused and we hope for your understanding.



    Welcome ! Would you like to log yourself in? Or would you prefer to create an account?
    We are glad to announce, that "Crystal Shop" and "China Shop", both known since 1990 for high quality presents at attractive prices, have merged to one firm "Crystal-China Shop" sj.

    We take pleasure in offering You the abounding choice of table crystal wares manufactured by The Crystal Glass Factories:  "Violetta", "Zawiercie", and porzelain as well /"Lubiana"/ .

    These items produced since almost two centuries, retaining the unique technology, have gained a high appreciation of our customers all over the world. You can practically find them in all European countries, in the U.S.A., Canada, South Africa and in Middle East as well.


    We offers glassware manufactured by:
    - Blowing
    - Pressing
    - Made in centrifugal machines
    - Slow-formed

    A large variety of crystal products which meet the reguirement of the most demanding customers is the result of the work of the highly qualified staff of blowers, decorators and artists designing unrepeatable patterns.


    - Relish dishes
    - Sugar
    - Jugs
    - Trays
    - Cups
    - Pounch bowls
    - Cake plates
    - Vases
    - Bowls
    - Candies
    - Decanters
    - Ashtrays
    - Candlesticks
    - Plates
    - Jewelry
    - Baskets
    - Compoties
    - Jardinieries
    - Cookie jars
    - Spoons
    - Honey jars
    - Gravy boat


    We also offer:

    - liqueur-, martini-, long & short drink-, small & big cognac-, water-, whisky-,
      white & red wine-, goblet & port wine-, burgundy-, champagne-,ice- tea-,  
      schnapps-, sherry-, pocal & beer-glasses,
    - statuettes,
    - oil & electric lamps,
    - bells,
    - saucers,
    - plates on leg,
    - salad bowls

    Our assortment is a reflection of sophisticated realisations of various customer wishes.
    The prices of the goods depend on the quantities of the ordered products.

    The shop is open:

    From Monday till Friday
    09.00 a.m. - 03.00 p.m.
    09.00 a.m. - 01.00 p.m.

    You are invited to discuss all possibilities of a commercial co-operation and to visit our whole-sale shop.



    For any details please contact: tel.: 0048 91 4600 105
      fax.: 0048 91 4600 105
      e-mail crystal@pro.onet.pl

    We shall be glad to answer any additional question You may ask.